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Essential Costs

School is obliged to charge for some services.

Dinner Money from September 2016

£11.50 each week or £2.30 each day

Milk from September 2016

Milk is charged termly for the next term, in advance. The price is set by the Local Authority. It is currently 16p a day.

Fruit and vegetables (KS2)

Fruit and vegetables are available at 20p per portion from the tuck shop each day for children in Key Stage 2.

School Uniform

Sweatshirts £10.50
Cardigans £11.50
Polo-Shirts £9.00
PE t-shirts £2.50
Fleece £13.50
Book bag £4.00
P.E. Bag £3.50
Water bottles £1.50

Reversible Rain Jacket £15.00

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