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School Organisation

The school for 2016-17

Headteacher: Mr P J Lord
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs A Brignall
Business Manager: Mrs C Southern
Clerical Assistant: Mrs V Wulff

Child and Family Well-being worker: Mrs D Carter

School Attendance: Mrs S Revilles

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One

Nursery: Miss D Hill
Reception: Mrs K Heys and Mrs L Groutage
Year 1: Mrs J Thomas and Miss R Higginbotham
Year 2: Ms Cooper and Miss Woolfenden

Key Stage Two

Year 3: Miss L Shields and Mr C Prentice
Year 4: Mrs J Kirkwood and Mr Ridley
Year 5: Mrs S Whatmough / Mrs S Jones and Miss L Ratcliffe
Year 6: Miss K Harper and Mrs I Hood

Ms L Armstrong: teacher supporting children with learning difficulties

Mrs P Knowles and Mrs E Haywood: teachers supporting the planning, preparation and assessment time for teaching staff

SENCo: Mrs P Finnegan

Teaching Assistants

Ms L Sandbach, Mrs D Foster, Ms A Woolfenden, Miss G Taylor, Miss H Abbey, Miss J Brown, Miss K Bulger, Mrs K Roberts, Mrs B Foulkes, Mrs L Parish, Miss M Waterhouse, Mr S Mahmood (bi-lingual assistant), Mrs N Bhakar, Mrs N McIntosh, Mrs K Stoliar

Special Needs Teaching Assistants

Mrs G Rothwell,  Mrs L Sayer, Mrs M Gane, Mrs R Raja, Mrs M Halluni,  Mrs A Williamson, Mrs S Williamson

Site Manager

Mr P Gracey

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