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Telephone: 0161 773 9554
Telephone: 0161 773 9554

Holiday Requests

Holiday Requests in Term Time

To request a leave of absence during term time, please send a written request via letter to school or email: contact@heatonparkbury.com These include holidays, weddings, funerals and graduations.  Please include the dates the children will be absent, where you will be travelling to and why they will be absent. The request must be sent in a timely manner and further evidence may be requested. The absence may only be authorised due to exceptional circumstances and it is unlikely a family holiday will be authorised.

When making our decision we take into consideration several different factors like the context and circumstances around the request. Once we receive the request it will be passed onto Mr Lord for his consideration.

If the request is not granted it will be marked as an unauthorised absence and this could lead to a penalty notice. Once a child has 10 unauthorised holiday absences (5 full school days), it is down to Mr Lord’s discretion whether a penalty notice will be issued.

You will receive a letter from school either authorising or unauthorising the absence. This letter is a standardised letter that is information only and is not a penalty notice.

For more information please see government legislation