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At Heaton Park Primary School we intend that our teaching of History will inspire curiosity and motivate children to become inquisitive historians who want to find out more! Guided by the ‘National Curriculum History Programmes of Study’, we have strived to design an exciting and detailed curriculum which aims to ensure that children have a coherent, chronological knowledge of key historical time periods, events and people from Great Britain and around the world. We want pupils to learn about both substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge and in order to do so we aim to immerse them in history topics which also have lots of cross curricular links. We plan to support children’s ability to engage in historical inquiry, to understand links between time periods and events, to think critically and to ask questions and challenge ideas.


We understand that progression of skills from the EYFS to Year 6 is key, and so our History topics are planned with this in mind to ensure that children build on their prior knowledge and achieve clear learning outcomes by the end of each history topic. In every history topic, children are taught important key facts, dates and vocabulary and the appropriate background knowledge. In our vibrant curriculum, a wide range of texts and resources are used to engage our learners and we incorporate lots of visits, trips and themed days to enhance learning in history and bring the subject to life. Children are also given lots of opportunities to learn about history of the local area.  Examples of topics that children will engage in at our school include, ‘Old and New Toys’, Castles, The Great Fire of London, Ancient Egypt, Anglo-Saxons and Scots, The Victorian Industrial Revolution and The History of Manchester.


The knowledge and skills that children acquire as they develop through school are regularly observed, assessed and revisited so that children can build on their prior knowledge and develop their understanding of chronology regarding key historical events. Children begin history topics by writing down what knowledge they have at the starting point. At the end of a topic they then add on all the new knowledge that they have gained. By the end of a topic we endeavour to ensure that children can recall key facts and knowledge about a key historical event, person or time period. We aim to ensure that they know how to find out more about history and to question and challenge things. If you look around our school at any time you will see an environment which displays the children’s history work in exciting and imaginative ways and reflects the exciting, immersive way in which history is taught in our school.

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