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Telephone: 0161 773 9554

Year 5

In Year 5, we encourage children to become more independent as they progress into the upper years of their primary school experience. We learn about many exciting topics, such as Earth and Space, The Victorians, and South America.
Throughout the year, we offer several trips to support the children’s learning, such as a visit from Wonderdome and Rock and River, which is always something children look forward to when they start in Year 5.

Curriculum Plans – download


Miss Bulger
Mr Bowman


Miss Foster


Miss Finnigan, Miss Moran, Mrs Boswell


South America

Ancient Greece – Autumn 2

Space Homework Projects – Autumn 1

Victorians – Spring 1

Letters & Events

Welcome to Year 5

Y5 Malham Residential Trip 2024

5KB Maternity Leave Letter

Year 5 Malham Kit List 2024

Y5 Social Media Letter